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Digital China won “itech2021” annual leading enterprise award and annual star product award
Date of issue:2022-01-20
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On January 20, the annual list of "iTech 2021" sponsored by iTech magazine in conjunction with Huaxin Research Institute was officially released. With its excellent performance in IT innovation, digital China was awarded the “itech2021” annual leading enterprise award. At the same time, Digital China’s TDMP data desensitization system won the “iTech 2021” annual star product award. This once again reflects the leading edge of Digital China in digital transformation, the technical strength of its products and its industry status.

Under the guidance of industry experts, and recommended by iTECH magazine in conjunction with Huaxin Research Institute, the list includes annual representative governments, enterprises, brands, people, teams, technologies, products, schemes and application practices in China’s IT field, and provides Chinese IT practitioners with the latest developments and cases.

As one of China’s leading cloud and digital service providers, Digital China seizes the opportunity of transformation and combines independent R&D with ecological cooperation to build the core competence of digital transformation and enable the industry, always standing at the forefront of digital transformation. The honor of “iTech2021” leading enterprise is a powerful proof of the company’s digital transformation capability.

In terms of cloud services, Digital China has further enhanced its capabilities of whole-life-cycle cloud management services covering consulting, migration, operation, maintenance, optimization, security and training, and continuously deepened and expanded its cooperation with mainstream cloud vendors. At the same time, it has refined organizational capabilities, increased R&D investment in automation services and digital services, and built up a powerful strength in technology R&D and solution services from the cloud to the terminal.

In terms of digital business, the company actively embraces cloud native and digital native, and a number of private-brand products of Digital China have been iterated and released one after another, which are releasing more and more value in customer scenarios. Based on data security scenarios, the TDMP data desensitization system independently designed and developed by Digital China greatly reduces the data desensitization time window, project cycle and workload of data desensitizers, and provide a professional data security scheme with high security, availability, reliability, stability and efficiency for the protection of corporate data privacy. The winning of the “Star Product of the Year” award shows the independent R&D strength of Digital China in the field of data security and its rich practices in industrial scenarios.

Relying on its diversified computing power and independent R&D capabilities, Digital China has continuously exerted its strength and released its value in multiple dimensions, quickly becoming one of the important complete-machine manufacturers and industry leaders in the field of diversified computing power. In terms of products, after optimizing the Kunpeng industrial ecology and launching a series of core software and hardware products and solutions, Digital China took the lead in joining the Huawei Shengteng Ecology and become one of the important complete-machine partners of Shengteng, quickly launching the Shenzhou KunTai A722 AI computing products. At the same time, Digital China also actively expands the product lines of Feiteng and Loongson PC, and has completed the R&D, production and marketing of the products. At present, the company’s private-brand “Shenzhou Kuntai” series has formed four product systems covering data computation, data storage, data transmission and data security, realizing the capabilities of “full-stack delivery” and “multi-scenario application” and providing a solid basis for cloud native and digital native.

Standing at the turning point of the present round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, Digital China will continue to deepen its practices of digital transformation and provide a new paradigm of digital transformation for all sectors of society.