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Digital China has commensurately built multi-scenario data tools and solutions centering on the complete industrial chain of data acquisition, diagnosis, management and analysis to increase values for the customers in various industries.

TDMP data desensitization platform
TDMP is used for enterprise data security, test data management and protection of enterprise private data. Featuring high safety, availability, reliability, stability and efficiency, it can be widely applied in banks, insurers, securities companies, post offices, telecom companies, logistics & transport companies, manufacturers, hospitals, government, and Internet service companies related to cloud, big data, and education, as well as Internet service companies oriented for end customers.

Bluenic customer data platform
Bluenic, by relying on the big data technology and coordinating various data sources, has realized uniqueness and labelling of cross-channel customers, solved the problem of limitation of data acquisition channels and lack of personal information, met the needs for transformation of enterprise marketing model, and improved business market decision-making efficiency, customer experience, operating efficiency and marketing accuracy at the level of customer operation.

Data strategy consultancy
Digital China provides customers with integrated data service programs from the dimensions of data asset evaluation, data analysis, data platform building, business topic analysis, and information display, and extensively applies the programs to finance, manufacturing, entertainment and other scenarios that need data decision making.