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To meet the complicated customized and exclusive demands of the finance industry, government and large and medium-sized business customers, Digital China systematically integrates its proprietary and ecological resources, technologies and capabilities, provides its customers with a package of proprietary cloud services, and helps them achieve high agility and availability of cloud-based applications while ensuring safety and privacy.

Basic resource cloud services
By relying on the independent innovation cloud technologies and integrated service capabilities, Digital China pools full-stack ecological partner resources, offers complete infrastructure virtualization as well as cloud management and cloud operation services, and meets the overall demands of governments as well as financial and manufacturing sectors for cloud and digital transformation.

Full-stack super computing cloud services
By relying on independent innovation products and plans with Kunpeng processor, it builds a Kunpeng supercomputer center with diversified computing power and independent controllability, provides governments at all levels and enterprises with services of mass storage, mass computing, big data services, and AI services, offers new-type supercomputing cloud services that small and medium-sized enterprises can afford, and promotes the development of the digital economy industry and smart city with core technologies.

Industrial manufacturing cloud
In cooperation with ecological partners such as Tsinghua University and China Mobile, Digital China makes efforts to establish an industrial big data platform, keeps exploring “cloud+5G” in the field of industrial Internet, and facilitates digital upgrading in the field of industrial manufacturing by means of independent innovation and core technology.

Digital full-lifecycle service plan of enterprise