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About Us
About Us
Mr. Guo Wei
Chairman and President of Digital China Group Co., Ltd.

As one of China's excellent cloud and digital service providers, Digital China Group Co., Ltd. (Digital China) always takes "Digital China" its mission, relies on "cloud and independent innovation" and facilitates digital transformation of the industry. Against the backdrop of cloud and digital transformation, Digital China will stay true to its original aspiration, forge ahead, rely on digital technologies, draw strength from scientific and technological innovation, take the opportunity of "new infrastructure construction", and make contributions to the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.



By following the original aspiration of "Digital China", Guo has focused on IT application and the digital technology industry for over 30 years. He keeps making technical and business innovations by relying on his forward-looking theoretical researches and rich industry practices, and explores the development of IT application and digitalization of China. He has won awards of "Qiushi Outstanding Youth for Commercialization of Research and Development Deliverables", World Economic Forum "China Future Economic Leader", "Top 10 Outstanding Youth of China", "Figure of the Software Industry over the Past 40 Years of Reform and Opening-up" and "Figure of China's Software Industry over the Past Decade", and has been included in the list of the Fortune (Chinese version)"Top 50 Influential Chinese Business Leaders" for three consecutive times.

In addition, he is a member of the 11th and the 12th CPPCC National Committees, a member of the fourth committee of the Advisory Committee for State Informatization, the first President of China Strategy Alliance for Technical Innovation of the Smart City Industry, Vice President of Digital China Industry Alliance, and Vice President of China Management Science Society, etc.