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Stock Code:000034.SZ
Multi-line cloud-based infrastructure support capability

Relying on its closed-loop accumulation from design and manufacturing to application and service, Digital China has built the private brand products and service systems covering over 22 categories and over 600 products, as well as the multi-line solutions which can meet all the basic needs of domestic user data centers, so as to boost the construction of cloud-based infrastructures that are more agile, secure and on-demand for industry customers.

History of independent product innovation
Digital China launched servers and PC products based on Kunpeng processor.
Digital China launched the cloud management platform.
Digital China launched hyper-convergence all-in-one machine and Dengyun database all-in-one machine (X6).
Digital China launched IPv6 wireless and certified billing products for actual applications in colleges and universities.
Digital China launched China’s first IPv6 enhanced gold certification.
Digital China undertook 30% of the CERNET2 premises network and four core nodes.
Digital China took a lead in passing IPv6 gold certification.
Digital China began to develop network products.
Product layout
It covers products related to intelligent computing, network, data, storage, security, and value-added services, laying a foundation for the cloud strategy of Digital China as well as jointly empower the digital transformation of the industry and region.
  • calculation
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Network
  • Laboratory
  • Wireless Products
  • Integrated machine
  • PC
  • Cloud classroom
  • Imcloud
  • Added value
  • DCFW-1800E-N5005
  • DCFW-1800E-N6008
  • DCFW-1800E-N7210
  • DCFW-1800E-N8420
  • DCFW-1800E-N9040
  • DCFW-1800E-X7160
  • DCFW-1800E-X8430
  • DCN-DCFW-1800E-X
  • DCN-NCS-1550
  • DFS2000
  • NCS6000
  • NDP600
  • Integrated machine(2u)
  • CS6200-EI
  • CS6570
  • CS16800
  • DCRS-9800
  • S4600(X)-SI
  • S5750E(X)-SI
  • DCRS-7600E
  • DCN-CS6580 25G&100G
  • DCN-CS6200-XC
  • DCN-S4600X
  • DCN-S5750E-XC
  • DCC-CRL1000
  • DCC-E2000
  • DCFW-1800-SDC
  • DCLEC-1000
  • DCST-6000B
  • DCWS-6028
  • WL8200-I3
  • WL8200-IT3--1
  • WL8200-T3-1
  • WL8200-WH2-2
  • WL8200-WL2-1
  • WL8200-X10
  • DCN-WL8200-X4
  • DCN-DCWS-6028-Pro
  • Shenzhou Kuntai PC
  • DCSC
  • Terminal cloud
  • ImCloud
  • YK-ADC-i4000
  • YK-ADC-i7000
  • YK-VPR-C2400
  • DCME-720
  • DCWAF-3500
Product R&D system

By relying on its five R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Xiamen, Digital China mainly conducts research on and development of corresponding products and solutions in the fields of intelligent computing, data storage, basic network, data security and multi clouds management, fully covering cloud-based infrastructures.

  • Automatic testing laboratory

  • EMC compatibility testing laboratory

  • Environmental test laboratory

  • Performance test laboratory

  • Hardware laboratory

Industry-leading intelligent production base
Shenzhou Kuntai Xiamen Production Base uses scientific workflow and data to create a main process control closed loop, utilizes management tools to improve functional reconstruction, optimizes the management model with the basic of software platform and make full use of IT applications as well as scientific tools. All these measures support us to achieve the goal to build a highly competitive management system of products quality.
Professional customer support and delivery management service system
Customer service center

• 400 810 9119
• Full business handling platform
• 7×24 all-weather support services
• Special seats for VIPs

Hardware support

• Three level-1 spare parts allocation center
• 20 regional spare part centers and overseas spare part centers
• 19 repair service station

Online support

• Multi-window, one-stop
• Mobile service support
• Self-service anytime and anywhere
• Skype (overseas professional customer services)

Field support

• Regional and HQ expert resource pool
• Onsite replacement of spare parts
• Health check
• Attendance for major projects